Starting QuikFynd on your NAS via SSH

For most NAS systems, QuikFynd can be started from your NAS dashboard. But you can also start it via command line. But you need SSH access to your NAS for it. To enable SSH for your WD NAS, please follow the following link :

After SSH is enabled for your NAS, you can use PuTTY to open command prompt. Here are the steps for using PuTTY.

1. Start putty.exe

putty.exe should already be downloaded on your system. If you don't have it, please download it. Here is a brief note that describes how to download putty.exe. After you start, putty, it will ask you for the IP address for your NAS. Enter the IP address. Keep other settings as default. Make sure, the port is 22 and Connection Type is SSH.

If this is the first time you are accessing your NAS via SSH, a security warning may appear to ask you if you trust your NAS server. Go ahead and click "Yes"

2. Login into you NAS

putty will open an SSH command window. You will be asked to enter your SSH username and password. For WD systems, SSH username is sshd. For most other NAS systems, the username is root. Enter your SSH username and password and you are logged in.

3. Navigate to QuikFynd folder and run it

This assumes that you have previously copied QuikFynd to your NAS via WinSCP. If you haven't completed this step, please follow instructions in this link: Copying Quikfynd binary to your NAS using WinSCP

One you are there, type following commands to install QuikFynd

cd /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog

You should already have QuikFynd binary package in this directory. you can check for it by typing

ls -al

If the QuikFynd binary package is there then you can untar it with following command:

tar xf WDMyCloud_QuikFynd2_2.0.1.tar.gz

After successful untar, you are ready to start QuikFynd

cd QuikFynd2

4. Access QuikFynd from your Web Browser

After you have started QuikFynd, you are ready to access it from your web browser. Point your browser to following link:


In the above link, ip_address_of_your_nas is your NAS IP address e.g.

You should now see a page for you to Create a QuikFynd account or SignIn with your existing account

5. Stopping and Removing QuikFynd

If you want to stop QuikFynd then, use following commands from QuikFynd2 folder


if you want to completely remove QuikFynd, then use following command from QuikFynd2 folder