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QuikFynd Mobile Search

Find files on your mobile device by searching for text in your documents and pictures. QuikFynd puts the power of AI in your pocket and helps you organize all content on your phone intelligently

QuikFynd Desktop Search

Quickly find files on your windows computer and across your cloud drives with just a few keystrokes. Organize it instantly with AI based image object detection and text auto-tagging

QuikFynd Storage Search

Search through terabytes of data stored on your NAS while making sure that all of your data stays on your device in your own home or office. Available for leading NAS models.

QuikFynd Enterprise Search

Improve productivity and plug security holes by enabling your team to find shared knowledge in your business faster, from all of your data sources and access it securely

QuikFynd Technology

You'll use powerful yet easy search software to find your files faster across your devices and your cloud accounts, automatically tag your documents with AI-based algorithms and share it easily with a single click

  • Get More Done

    Quick results with highlighted keywords and Auto suggest. QuikFynd will make you productive from day one with its intuitive interface.
  • Search Multiple Data Sources

    Break silos and avoid searching multiple times. Connect your cloud drives and QuikFynd will find what you are looking for across your devices and other sources.
  • Gain Insights into Your Data

    Identify objects in images or automatically extract tags from your text documents. We will even tell you if a document is business related or belongs to one of the other categories.
  • Stay in Control of Your Privacy

    Your search index stays on your own devices and your files are never copied to cloud unless you share them of course. Strong encryption for data in transit and at rest means your data is for your eyes only.
  • Solution that Scales

    Whether you have a few thousand files or 100s of millions in your enterprise, you can search them all in just fraction of a second. Did we mention Quick?
  • Flexible Deployment Options

    Run it on your desktop for personal use or deploy enterprise edition for your entire company. Dedicate a physical server, run in a VM or in cloud, we give you options to suit your business needs.

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Our Partners

Eventually, I need to find something and I get mad to locate a single file in this organized mess! QuikFynd makes me more productive because I can easily find that file.
— Gabriele Stelmach (Brazil)
I have nearly 1TB of digital documents saved in my NAS and Dropbox. QuikFynd always helps me to quickly get the files and information I need. I hope more people around the world would know it.
— Bowen Chen (China)
At Streem Technologies, we have saved over 8 hours per week in looking for right information. Now our team can find required files instantly and be more responsive to our clients.
— Jonathan Lau (USA)
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