Make Your Network Attached Storage More Productive With QuikFynd Storage Search Server


Easily search and access your files, pictures or media on your NAS from your PC or phone


Available for Leading Storage Platforms

QuikFynd's partnership with leading storage vendors packs a powerful search server for your Network Attached Storage. You have terabytes of data on your NAS. QuikFynd (pronounced as Quick Find) makes it easy for you to search and find what you are looking for. You no longer have to open and close multiple files just to find the right one. 


Find Your Data Quickly with Powerful Full Text Search

You will be able to find your files quickly with the power of intelligent full text searches. Type the keyword and software will identify keywords in your data. With a single click, the software will find and even highlight the matching text for you in the fraction of a second. 

Search and Access Your Data from Any Device

QuikFynd (Quick Find) features a delightful interface, intuitive navigation and a clean design that can be accessed from any web browser including standard web browser on your mobile phone. And by enabling remote access for Quick Find in your Firewall, you can access it across the internet. So, whether you need to find your files sitting at your desk or from your mobile devices, Quick Find makes it easy to search and access your data instantly and securely.


Find Your Data in Cloud with QuikFynd Cloud Search

Chances are that you are using multiple cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. While cloud storage makes sharing your data easy, but it also makes your data more fragmented, and makes finding data harder because you don't know where your important files are. Quick Find can search data across all of your cloud drives, so with one simple search you can find a picture in Google Drive or your document in OneDrive or the file your friend shared with you in Dropbox. 

Your Data is for Your Eyes Only

We have designed QuikFynd (pronounced as Quick Find) with privacy of your data as #1 priority. That's why, none of your data or the search index is ever stored in cloud. All of your files remain on your NAS. By leveraging compute and storage capacity on your NAS, Quick Find performs indexing of your data on your NAS itself and can operate behind your network firewall. For accessing Web based interface, your NAS credentials are required, so you know no one else could be accessing your data. We take data privacy very seriously and with Quick Find you are always in control of your own data.

Enjoy Your Files and Media on the go

Not only can QuikFynd find your files easily, but it can also stream content stored on your NAS to any web browser, including your mobile devices. Store all your music, or videos on your NAS powered by Quick Find and enjoy it on your mobile devices everywhere without lengthy downloads.

I have nearly 1TB of digital documents saved in my NAS and Dropbox. QuikFynd always helps me to quickly get the files and information I need. I hope more people around the world would know it
— Bowen Chen (China)

Free 30-Day Trial

Our 1-month FREE trial will enable you to use every single feature QuikFynd has to offer, and squeeze every drop of value you can get out of it. If, at the end of the 1-month period, you don’t feel like our software is absolutely essential for managing your data – you have zero obligations towards us, and you’ll never have to pay anything.

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