Desktop Search Solution that also Searches Your Cloud Storage


find your files no matter where they are and share them easily


Intelligent Search Powered by AI

This software will enable you to quickly search, organize and share all of your files on your desktop and across your multiple cloud drives. Beautifully designed and easy to use, QuikFynd (pronounced as Quick Find) is also very powerful. You can search by keywords in documents, objects in images and it even tags your documents automatically using machine learning.


Features You will Love



Full Text Search
You will be able to find your files quickly with the power of intelligent full text searches. Type the keyword and software will identify keywords in your data. With a single click, the software will find and even highlight the matching text for you in the fraction of a second. 

Cloud Search
QuikFynd (pronounced as Quick Find) allows you to connect multiple cloud storage accounts to your Desktop Search. Your data stays in respective cloud drives, but you can simultaneously perform powerful searches across your desktop and all cloud drives. Now you don't have to remember where you stored that important file. 


Automatic Organization
QuikFynd (Quick Find) automatically organizes your data into common categories, such as Images, Documents and Music. You’ll have instant access to your data, without the trouble of browsing through different folders.


Recent Items
Access files you use frequently more quickly. QuikFynd (Quick Find) remembers items you clicked on and makes them easily accessible, with a single click.


Elegant Sharing with Collections
With QuikFynd (Quick Find), you can add items to collections and if you like, you can create a link to share with others with a single click. You can even select files from your desktop and from your cloud accounts in a single collection share them easily

Data Privacy
Your data and the search index always remain on your desktop, and will never be subject to any privacy concerns. You can even search for your files when your network is down

Eventually, I need to find something and I get mad to locate a single file in this organized mess! QuikFynd makes me more productive because I can easily find that file.
— Gabriele Stelmach (Brazil)

Intelligent Add-Ons

INCLUDED FREE for a limited time

When you have lots of data, you need advanced features. That's why QuikFynd offers you intelligent features to get more out of your data With QuikFynd, you are always in control of your data.


Easily and Quickly share items in your collection by creating a secure link that you can send to your recipients. Items in your collection are temporarily stored in cloud. You can add passwords for secure access, set an expiry date or even delete the link at any time.


QuikFynd's intelligent AI based algorithms can identify common objects in your pictures so you can now easily find your pictures that have your dog or a cat or a mountain or a river or a sky. You get the idea.


Using powerful algorithms, QuikFynd can identify if your document is a technology article or related to business. It can identify names of people and organizations or locations in documents and tag them automatically, so you are able to search your documents in multiple different ways

Free 14-Day Trial

Our 14-day FREE trial will enable you to use every single feature QuikFynd has to offer, and squeeze every drop of value you can get out of it. If, at the end of the trial period, you don’t feel like our software is absolutely essential for managing your data – you have zero obligations towards us, and you’ll never have to pay anything.


Get 30% Off if you buy now

If you are convinced like thousands of other satisfied QuikFynd users that our software can save you precious time in searching and finding your files, then you can save $23 if you make a decision to purchase now. Normally priced at $79, QuikFynd Desktop Search is available for only $56 for a limited time. This is our way of saying Thank You for trusting in QuikFynd.

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