Now you can connect multiple cloud storage accounts to your NAS based search server. Your data stays in respective cloud drives but you can still perform powerful search across NAS and all cloud drives.

Full Text Search

QuikFynd analyzes text and other meta data in your documents so if you type a keyword or a phrase, QuikFynd will find matching text and files for you.

Location Search

QuikFynd translates GPS information from your images to friendly location based information so that you just say “Paris” and we find pictures from your Paris dream vacation.


Images with Text

QuikFynd even understands text in your images so now you can search your scanned documents simply by typing a keyword.   



Result Highlighting

Not only QuikFynd finds files for you, it highlights matching text, so that you can open the right document the very first time.



QuikFynd offers you super strong remote access to your NAS without opening any incoming ports on your Router/Firewall.