Data Privacy

Your data and the search index always remain on your own device, so you know that your data is not subject to any privacy concerns


AUTO Organization

QuikFynd automatically organizes your data into common categories such as Images, Documents, Music so you have instant access to your data without browsing through folders.

name-meta search.png

Name & Meta Search

You can easily find you files by just typing a keyword and QuikFynd will search for file names, folder names or even meta tags in your files for the matching keyword

Search History

Sometimes you look for the same information over and over again. QuikFynd remembers your previous searches, so you don’t have to type a single word. A single click will do.

Recent Items

Items you most recently accessed are always at your fingertips so you can use them quickly. Did we mention quick?

Wireless Streaming

QuikFynd can stream media from your NAS to your mobile device. Use AirPlay or Chromecast and enjoy HD content from your NAS on your big screen.

Browser Access

When using a computer, you can use QuikFynd Web interface from your browser to search and access files on your NAS



Free Mobile Apps

By using our beautifully designed mobile apps, you can now stream data from your NAS on your mobile device, anytime, everywhere. Just QuikFynd it.