QuikFynd Enterprise Search now available on AWS marketplace

QuikFynd announced today availability of its QuikFynd Enterprise Search solution for AWS marketplace. Now it is possible to have your own private search server for finding files across shared network locations and cloud drives. QuikFynd supports industry standard network share protocols such as NFS, CIFS and AFP. With these protocols, most Linux, Windows and OSX shared file locations can be linked and searched. One of the popular cloud NAS solution is SoftNAS and QuikFynd supports it out of the box. You can also connect cloud storage services such asDropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive and use the power of unified search to quickly find your data across all your data silos.

QuikFynd Enterprise search packs advanced machine learning (ML) based features for image object detection and text classification. Now you don't have to search your images by file names. QuikFynd will automatically identify objects in your images. QuikFynd will also translate GPS tags into location name, so you can type name of any location and pictures taken in that location will be found. For Text documents, QuikFynd will classify documents in common categories such as legal, business, sports etc. and will find names of people, companies, places.

You can take advantage of these powerful capabilities and with just a few clicks, spin up a server on your Amazon cloud. You will be ready to search your documents within 5 minutes. Entire solution is attractively priced at just $0.12 cents/hour (Amazon will charge for EC2 usage separately). There are no additional charges for image detection or text classification. 

Here is the link to get started: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B075Y13SR4

About QuikFynd: 

QuikFynd offers intelligent search solutions. We want to give choice to users to use any device or cloud service to store their data and find it easily with the power of intelligent search. QuikFynd has been recognized as a Top50 startup by TiE and named as one of the 20 most promising cloud solution providers by SiliconIndia. Visit www.quikfynd.com to learn more.