500M user accounts compromised at Yahoo, Is cloud really safe?

It was not really a surprise that many user accounts got compromised at Yahoo but what was surprising was the scale - 500M and the fact that it took almost 2 years for them to report it. Now the 2nd point is even more serious. This means that for full 2 years, one of the largest internet companies had no idea that user accounts are being compromised. What does it say about other cloud companies? And cloud storage in particular. Now, the largest cloud storage vendor by numbers - Dropbox reported in August of 2016 that 70 million of their customer accounts were compromised in 2012. Wow! So, for full 4 years they had no idea that accounts are being compromised. And you really think that your data is safe in cloud? 

Customers should make smart choices about where they keep their data and how they want to manage it. Cloud storage is great for many things - especially if you want to share some documents with partners, customers or peers easily but should it really replace all of the local storage you have? We don't think so. Not till it is as secure as your local storage. Storage on your desktop, laptop is relatively very secure. Can this also be hacked? Yes. But the probability is low because it is much more expensive for bad guys to go after 500M individual machines versus going to one company and stealing 500M credentials. 

There are plenty of local storage options. NAS (or Network Attached Storage) in particular gives cloud storage like functionality these days and the best part is that it stays in your home or business where it is not subject to curious eyes of sophisticated hackers. 

We at QuikFynd believe that customers should be able to store their data in whatever location that makes sense for their personal and business needs. Whether it is cloud storage for sharing, or their NAS device for more privacy or even their laptop and they should be able to find all their content easily, securely and instantly. If you can quickly search your content and access it from any device, it enables making right choices about where to keep your data. 

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