Get back Precious Time you spent looking for files and become more productive with intelligent Desktop Search Solution

Your data is growing rapidly and it now everywhere. As you adopt cloud solutions, many of your files are now in cloud drives in addition to your desktop.It is extremely difficult to keep track of it all and you end up spending a lot of time finding the right file when you need it the most. Wouldn’t it be great to have all your data at your fingertips? What if you could intelligently search it, and quickly & easily find what you are looking for, without giving up privacy and control? Choose from one of the QuikFynd Desktop Search solutions and take control of your data.

Most popular

Desktop PRO

  • Data Privacy
  • Auto organization
  • Search by Name
  • Search by MetaData
  • Browser Access
  • Auto Suggest
  • Full Text Search
  • Search by Location
  • Results Highlighting
  • Search Cloud Drives
  • Duplicate Detection


  • Shared Links
  • Image Objects Search
  • Auto Text Tagging
  • Find Similar Content

Feature Details

become more efficient, QUICKLY

Data Privacy

Your data and the search index always remain on your own device, so you know that your data is not subject to any privacy concerns

AUto Organization

QuikFynd automatically organizes your data into common categories such as Images, Documents, Music so you have instant access to your data without browsing through folders.

Name & Meta Search

You can easily find you files by just typing a keyword and QuikFynd will search for file names, folder names or even meta tags in your files for the matching keyword

Recent Items

Items you most recently accessed are always at your fingertips so you can use them quickly. Did we mention quick?

Full Text Search

QuikFynd analyzes text and other meta data in your documents so if you type a keyword or a phrase, QuikFynd will find matching text and files for you.


With just one keystroke, QuikFynd will suggest words that are present in your content so that you don't have to remember full word or its spelling


Result Highlighting

Not only QuikFynd finds files for you, it highlights matching text, so that you can open the right document the very first time.

Duplicate Detection

If you have same copy of your file across your storage devices and even across multiple cloud drives, QuikFynd will automatically detect it for you



Select files related to a common topic to create collection that you can share with a single click. Folder constraints are gone with collections. One shared link is allowed in LITE edition

Location Search

QuikFynd translates GPS information from your images to friendly location based information so that you just say “Paris” and we find pictures from your Paris dream vacation.

Cloud Search

Now you can connect multiple cloud storage accounts to your NAS based search server. Your data stays in respective cloud drives but you can still perform powerful search across NAS and all cloud drives.

Intelligent Add-Ons

Flexible options to get more out of your datA

When you have lots of data, one size doesn't fit all. That's why QuikFynd offers you flexible options to get more out of your data on flexible usage based pricing. You buy a fixed number of credits upfront and these credits get consumed as you use these services. With QuikFynd, you are always in control of your data.

Quick Share

Easily and Quickly share items in your collection by creating a secure link that you can send to your recipients. Items in your collection are temporarily stored in cloud. You can add passwords for secure access, set an expiry date or even delete the link at any time.

DETECT Image ObjectS

QuikFynd's intelligent AI based algorithms can identify common objects in your pictures so you can now easily find your pictures that have your dog or a cat or a mountain or a river or a sky. You get the idea.

Auto Text Tagging

Using powerful algorithms, QuikFynd can identify if your document is a technology article or related to business. It can identify names of people and organizations or locations in documents and tag them automatically, so you are able to search your documents in multiple different ways