With QuikFynd Software You’ll Be Able To:

Organize, Search And Share Data Anytime,
Anywhere, On Any Device


Use intelligent  full text  searches, and
have all the data you need at your fingertips

Access your files and media on the go, by streaming data from your NAS on your mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

Find valuable information more
quickly. QuikFynd remembers your previous searches, and makes them
easily accessible with a single click.


Find And Organize Your Data In Clouds
With QuikFynd CloudSearch

Simultaneously perform powerful
searches across multiple NAS and all cloud drives

Automatically organize your data
into common categories such as
Images, Documents, and Music and
have instant access without having to browse through folders


Easily access the correct documents
every time with the QuikFynd
highlighted results feature


Always Stay In Control Of Your Data

Your data and search index always
remain on your device, and will never
be subject to any privacy concerns. 

Have a secure remote access to your
NAS, without opening any incoming
ports on your router/firewall. 


Access your data from any and all authorized devices by creating a
personal account