Access your private data 

Your data is everywhere and growing fast. Both at work and at home, you are surrounded by data in the form of work documents on your computers, photos on your mobile phones, media libraries on your NAS device or the data you share across various cloud drives. It is really hard to keep track of it all. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your data at your fingertips? What if you could intelligently search it and find what you were looking for easily, without giving up privacy and control. Now with QuikFynd available on your Network Attached Storage (NAS), you can keep all of your data securely at your home or business. QuikFynd helps you to organize, search and share data anytime, anywhere on any device.

Search Server for your NAS

QuikFynd's partnership with leading NAS vendors packs a powerful search server for your personal NAS device. You have terabytes of data on your NAS, QuikFynd makes it easy for you to search and find what you are looking for. You no longer have to open and close multiple files just to find the right one. Search once and you are done.

Find your data in clouds with QuikFynd CloudSearch


Chances are that you are using multiple cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. But this also makes your data more fragmented, less productive and puts it at risk because you don't know where your important files are. QuikFynd organizes and searches data across all of your cloud drives, so with one simple search you can find a picture in Google Drive or your document in OneDrive or the file your friend shared with you in Dropbox. 


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Find data quickly with Powerful Full text search

QuikFynd extracts text from documents, and other relevant information from audio files and images so you can search your data quickly using simple keywords. It even highlights matching phrases to make it easy for you to open the right file the very first time.

Search your content anytime, anywhere from any device

QuikFynd iOS, Android and Web Apps feature a delightful interface, intuitive navigation and a clean design. Whether you need to find your files sitting at your desk or from your mobile devices, QuikFynd makes it possible to search and share your data instantly and securely.

Your data is for your eyes only

Unlike other cloud services, with QuikFynd, all of your data and applications remains on your devices. Your data can only be accessed from authorized devices. We take data privacy very seriously and with QuikFynd you are always in control of your own data.


Enjoy your files and media on the go

Not only can QuikFynd find your files easily, but it can also stream content stored on your NAS to your mobile devices. Store all your music, or videos on your own NAS powered by QuikFynd and enjoy it on your mobile devices everywhere.

QuikFynd is useful to me because eventually, I need to find something and I get mad to locate a single file in this organized mess!
— Gabriele Stelmach
Great resource for cloud storage users
— Victor Paru

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QuikFynd adapts to your preferences by supporting both iOS and Android. Our intuitive and beautifully designed apps makes you productive from the moment you start using them